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What to do with the ashes

If you've chosen to have a cremation, then you will need to decide what to do with the ashes afterwards. 

At Christophers' Family Funerals, we can help you decide an appropriate way to keep, inter or scatter them. 


Scattering ashes at a place that holds positive memories for the family is usually a popular choice. You may wish to scatter the ashes in multiple locations. We can supply scattering tubes which provide a colourful vessel to contain the ashes until you're ready to release them. 

Burying or 'interring' 

If you chose the cremation route but still wish to have specific place to visit, then having an interment at a church, cemetery or non religious burial ground is the best option. 


Storing the ashes at home

Choosing a beautiful cremation urn and keeping the ashes at home is a way some people choose to keep the loved one close by. Even if this is just a temporary measure while you decide what to do with the ashes, we can help you find a fitting vessel to store the ashes in. 


Alternative things to do with ashes

  • Plant them with a tree

  • Have them mixed into ink for a tattoo

  • Put them into a firework

  • Have them turned into a jewel​


Whatever you decide to do with the ashes, the team at Christophers' family funerals will do everything we can to help you with this process.