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Arranging a funeral

Personalised tributes for every individual, saying goodbye your own way.

Traditional Funerals

Choosing a funeral for a person with a particular religion can be shaped around the funeral service, followed by a burial or cremation and then a wake can be arranged,  which will give you a time to share reflections and thoughts with family and friends.

Non-Religious Funerals

This can be a ceremony that is both an honourable farewell and recognising the life and legacy of a loved one, without any religious references.  This ceremony can recognise the grief of death, but also the celebration of life.

Woodland Burials

A woodland burial is a more organic and natural alternative to a traditional graveyard or crematorium.  It can provide a more relaxed environment that is not governed by formalities and time constraints.

Green Burials

Having a green burial gives a sense of simplicity to a funeral. It provides a back-to-nature aspect to your loved one’s resting place.  We are familiar with many local green burial sites that offer natural, beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Low Cost Funerals

We are able to provide families a lower-cost funeral option without compromising our standards and ensuring the same quality of care for your loved one as we give to any other family.

Affordable Cremations

A cheaper alternative to a formal funeral, we pass on the savings of a direct cremation service to you. By holding the cremation earlier in the morning without a service, we are able to offer a lower price.


British coffins are traditionally six sided and made of solid wood. However, today there are a huge variety of different coffins that can be tailored to match the personality of the person being remembered.


See our guide to the various types of coffin you can choose for a fitting tribute.


Floral displays remain a popular choice for funerals, representing a return to nature and symbolising the character of the person being celebrated. Whether they are their favourite flowers, part of a colour theme for the funeral or even in the shape of letters or symbols that meant something to the person you are paying tribute to, a lot can be said with some well chosen funeral flowers.

Poems, Readings and Music

Regardless of the type of service being held, poetry, readings and music are a poignant way to remember someone. Meaningful words can be the best way to express the emotions being felt by your family and friends.


Look at our guide on choosing the parts of the service that will help you remember and reflect.