Independent Funeral Plans

Planning a Funeral Your Way

Why buy a Funeral Plan?

Pre-planning a funeral has become increasingly popular in recent years. Putting your plans on paper means that your funeral is done in the way that you choose, taking much of the guesswork away from your loved ones when the time comes. By making financial provision for your funeral now, you are also helping to protect your family from the increasing costs of funerals in the years to come.


If investing in a funeral plan at the moment is not for you, there are other ways to let your close relatives and friends know your wishes when the time comes. You could leave instructions with your will, preferably signed, witnessed and kept up-to-date. However, entrusting such a document with your solicitor may lead to delays at the time of need, so it may be a good idea to give a copy to whoever you think will be making your funeral arrangements. Templates can be found online to help you.

Does a Funeral Plan cover everything?

While a funeral plan covers the vast majority of costs of the funeral when the time comes, including our direct services, there are some third party expenses beyond our control, known as disbursements. If these costs are not covered by the plan's value when it is required, there may be a balance to pay. We will be upfront on any extra costs at the time of need.

Funeral plans are a tried and tested way of helping to protect loved ones from unexpected funeral costs, but we'd always advise you to come to speak to us before purchasing a plan. We can guide you as to how they work, answer your queries and make sure that you buy the right plan to fit your wishes.

As local Funeral Directors, we won’t be able to give formal advice on the financing of the plans, but we can give you our wealth of knowledge on planning the funeral and what things to expect when the time comes.

Our Funeral Plan Providers

We believe you should have as much choice and flexibility with your funeral plans as possible, including which provider to use. At Christophers' Family Funerals, we choose to work with two Funeral Plan Providers:

If you would like to speak to us about arranging a funeral plan with either of these providers, please drop into our Ashburton or Newton Abbot offices or call to make an appointment for a home visit. 

Terms and conditions apply to funeral plans - please ask for details.