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Following a burial, a memorial can be placed on the grave site after a few months have elapsed. This is to allow the ground to settle. A cremation tablet can be placed a lot sooner.



The first thing to consider is the headstone itself. Our range is based on what is acceptable to the Church of England and local cemeteries. The best thing to do is to look around at the churchyard or cemetery where the memorial is to be set to see what would look best in the surroundings. 

Cremation tablets are also available, in a desktop form or a standard flat piece of stone. The usual material to use in this part of Devon is granite or slate. Of course, if you have your own piece of acceptable stone, we are more than happy to have it faced, lettered and fixed for you.

Please see the gallery below for our range of memorial styles that will be acceptable to most local churchyards and cemeteries:


The next consideration is the choice of inscription. The church is quite particular about the wording on memorials, local authority cemeteries less so. If in doubt, please contact us or have a look at this sheet for some acceptable suggestions. Please also consider if a further inscription will be necessary in the future.

The letters are usually cut into the stone (incised) and painted black on granite and white, sliver or gold on slate. 


As soon as you have decided what style of memorial and what inscription to have, we will provide you with a written quote and a drawing of the proposed work for you to approve. The price of a memorial depends on the material and inscription chosen. We will also lodge an application to the relevant church or cemetery.

We ask for a 75% deposit and churchyard or cemetery fees in advance.

When we have the approval for the memorial from you and the relevant authority, we are free to order the stone and fix the memorial when it is ready. This may take some time, but we will let you know as soon as the memorial is in place, and will not ask for the balance to be paid until this time.

Memorial Restoration

We can clean, repaint and make safe older memorials, and will quote for this when the work has been assessed.


Additional inscriptions on existing memorials can also be arranged.