Christophers' Family Funerals History

Where It All Started

Christophers' Family Funerals, started in the village of Bickington, Devon in 1846, where the role of village funeral director also included being a carpenter and wheelwright. Since then the family vocation was passed from father to son for 5 generations and also began serving neighbouring Ashburton during this time. 

FWC Generations.jpg


Herbert Henry (2nd gen), Frederic (3rd gen), Frederic Herbert (4th gen), and Frederic William (5th gen), Christophers

Who We Are Today

Today, the father-son tradition has changed, and now the 6th generation of company management comprises the first daughter, Caroline, her husband Tom, as well as the youngest member of the 6th generation of Christophers, son Oliver. Fred Christophers, who is now 80, remains part of the business in a consultative role, assisting families, at their request, to ensure a continuity of service

The Christophers' Family Funerals Team

Caroline and Ollie grew up in Ashburton where we have our Kingsbridge Lane premises, which is managed by Tom and Donna from Bridge House. 

Tom originates from Leicestershire and married in to the family in 1999, so he's almost been in Devon for long enough to qualify as a local. Tom manages the Newton Abbot office and he is joined by Damien as part of the core team at Homelands Hall. 

All coffins in our photographs are empty and used purely for representation. Thanks to Paula Johans for our images. 

Tom Meek & Damien Fletcher